Dual-axis vs Combined Axis| Blended Axis | Shared Axis

In Tableau, there is something interesting like dual-axis and combined axis. I like to explain in detail about dual-axis and combined axis in this article.

Let’s get started.

Dual Axis

  1. Dual Axis contains two axis
  2. Two measures are required.
  3. One mark card for each axis is created.

How to create a dual-axis graph?

Dual Axis can be created…

A Simple Introduction to Tableau.

Tableau is one of the data visualization tool that is used for creating interactive charts , dashboards.

In this article, I have explained some basic components and charts in tableau.

  1. Measure and Dimensions
  2. Discrete vs Continuous
  3. Measure Names vs Measure Values
  4. Marks Card
  5. Show Me
  6. Different types of graphs


  1. Install…

Total number of parameters, output shape in the Convolution layer

In this article, we will go through two important concepts in the convolution layer.

  1. How to calculate the number of parameters?
  2. How the shape of output is calculated?

First, let’s understand the important terms used in the convolution layer.

Important terms

1. input_shape

input_shape = (batch_size, height, width, depth)
batch_size= number of training examples in…

String Methods

In this article, let's cover the string operations that can be performed on pandas dataframe.

  1. Converting to uppercase/lowercase/titlecase — str. upper, str. lower, str. title
  2. strip,lstrip, rstrip
  3. split
  4. replace
  5. startswith,endswith, contains

1. Converting to uppercase/lowercase/title case

Example 1: Converting strings in a column in pandas dataframe to uppercase


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